Advertiser’s Chronicles One

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The rain lashed it’s cool touch across my face as I stared at the number on
the front door. Anxiety and arousal lined my stomach with lead as I hesit-
ated on her doorstep. I remembered when I posted my advertisment to Usenet
last week, eager to meet a woman with whom I could explore my most erotic
virgin fantasies. I’d always enjoyed honest sex but I’d never dared allow
my repressed desires to surface. But now I had done it! I had advertised
and now I was here, to meet a likeminded woman for the first time! My mouth
was dry and I felt afraid as I pressed the doorbell. The harsh shriek of a
buzzer made me jolt out of my reverie. The woman I was to meet was called
Kelly and she seemed to be a lovely person via e-mail but she was obviously
more experienced than I.

From behind the wooden door I could hear the rhythmic thumping of feet on a
staircase. Through the opaque glass of the door I could see a female shape
moving towards me. A sudden guilty image of my girlfriend passed through my
mind. I loved my girlfriend but she was not interested in anything other
than the normal, pedestrian sex that we’re familiar with. The lock on the
door retracted with a metallic scrape and a smile greeted my frightened and
wet visage. “Hello” she grinned “You must be Jon”. I returned her smile nervously.
“Yes” I answered pathetically. She was definitely attractive. She was not
classicly good looking but well formed and pretty. I felt a warm surge of
shame as I thought how I must appear. My long hair was wet and straggly and
the cold weather would not have flattered my proud nose, either! Kelly did
not seem to notice and she ushered me inside.

She led me by my hand up to her bedroom and sat me down on the bed. I just
sat there at first, watching her as I began to relax. She retrieved a towel
from the bathroom and started to rub my hair dry. I could smell her scent
as she stood over me.
“You’re a bit nervous aren’t you” she said softly.
“Yes,” I swallowed. Her left breast brushed against my cheek as she dried
my hair, “I’m sorry, Kelly. You know I haven’t done this before”.
“Don’t worry” she answered “I like you”. My arousal at her and the promise
of what was to come was rapidly overcoming my diminishing nerves. As she
finished off my hair, I swept a glance across her bedside table. There was
a tube of lubricant, a silk headscarf, a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold.
Tentatively, I raised a hand and stroked her back. Kelly stopped rubbing my
hair and dropped the towel to the floor. She rested her hands on my shoul-
ders and looked at me with her warm, brown eyes. I felt the chemistry race
in my pulse as we leant forward to kiss oh so softly. I felt her soft lips
embrace mine with delicious feminine warmth. Suddenly, she squeezed me hard
in her arms. go to these guys I returned the embrace, nibbling and licking her ear as she
fell forward to land on top of me on the bed. Her hands ran down my chest
and stopped above my belt where she grasped a handful of my teeshirt and
pulled it out from my jeans. I glided my hands down over her soft buttocks
to the edge of her knee length skirt and hoisted up the hem as I retraced
my downward stroke back up her silken thighs. She filled my mouth with her
writhing tongue and I felt my erect penis pressing painfully hard against
the zip of my fly. I grasped her wrists and pulled her hands out from under
my teeshirt. I grabbed the handcuffs and slapped them round her wrists but
not too tight as to hurt her. I stood up and placed her manacled arms over
my head so her hands were chained behind me. I made her stand there, locked
into a steel embrace as I teased her erect nipples with my fingertips. She
closed her eyes and sighed softly as the pleasurable sensation trembled up
her spine. I unzipped my fly and let my jeans fall around me knees.
“Suck me!” I rasped. She compliantly knelt down, arms now around my ass.
Her mouth opened and the tip of her tongue touched the hot, round head of
my circumsized cock. I inhaled sharply at the sweet tingle her kiss gave
me. Kelly leant forward and took half my now throbbing cock in her mouth.
Oh God, her warm, moist mouth felt so good! She sucked on my phallus, hard
enough to make me tense. I could feel my climax rising and I didn’t want it
to be over so quickly. I wanted her so badly I ached. I gently withdrew my
wet penis from it’s oral sanctuary and lifted her to her feet. I pulled her
arms back from behind me and slid off her skirt as I stepped out of my
jeans (she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt). I guided her over to
the bed and lay her down on her front. I undid the handcuffs and took them
off her. Little red tramlines ran around her wrists. I picked up the silk
scarf and tied one round her right wrist, threaded it through the banisters
of her wooden headboard and tied the other end to her left wrist. Then, as
she lay there breathing into her pillow, I put the blindfold on her and I
pulled it down over her eyes.

I reached up under her rumpled blouse and ran my fingers down her back to
her ass, where I stroked around the circumference of her buttocks. Then I
reached down and glided my hand up her thighs. In anticipation, she parted
her legs for me.
“No!” I scolded, rewarding her impatience with a moderate slap across her
butt. “Not until I say!” Kelly whimpered as I traced a teasing knife-edge
around her wet sex with my fingertip. Then I grabbed her behind the knees
and pushed her legs up and out, so she was in the squatting position but

still lying down. The sight of her little pink anus and inviting pussy was
too much. I had to reward her for such perfection. I buried my face amidst
her splayed upper thighs and, very slowly, ran my tongue from her clitoris
up though the entrance to her vagina and around her anus. The tip of my
tongue skirted the edge of her butt-hole and I retraced my moist path, this
time licking her more firmly. I paused over her clitty and massaged it with
all the gentleness I could, to make her squirm. And squirm she did, pushing
back against my face. As soon as she did so I pulled away.
“No!” I scolded again, slapping her inner thigh. “You will take only that
which I freely give!” I smiled inwardly. I was seriously enjoying this and
dominating this fine woman was turning me on like I couldn’t *believe!*
“Beg forgiveness” I commanded, reaching for the tube of lubricant. At the
sound of movement on the table, she craned her neck round to see what I was
doing but she could see nothing through the blindfold.
“I said beg forgiveness” I repeated, feigning anger “Or I shall gag you!”
amateur hardcore “Forgive me!” she gasped. I opened the tube-o-lube and squirted a little
onto my finger.
“Good” I praised “you shall be rewarded!” I kissed her on the buttocks and
ran my tongue down between the cleft of her cheeks to her asshole. There, I
licked her anus, thoroughly enjoying the groans of pleasure she made. Next,
I smeared the lubricant around her moist anus and, with saintly gentleness,
guided my greased finger into her rectum. Kelly gasped and ground he ass
out and onto my finger. Inwardly I winced as I knew how fragile the rectal
tissues were and, dominance aside, I didn’t want to inflict any real damage
to this lovely nymph. I didn’t scold her for that! My fixation with women’s
anuses had me so turned on that I felt I could orgasm on command! With my
index finger nestled snugly in her ass I moved up and sank my engorged cock
into her soaking vaginal orifice. I was beyond the point of no return and
I thrust into her as I slowly frigged her anus with my finger. She, in her
ecstasy, was straining against her bonds. Her resistance was driving me
wild! I came with unashamed vigor as I pumped my load into her and, to help
her reach climax, I lay on top of her, reaching around with my free hand to
masturbate her clitoris. The combination of clitoral and anal stimulation
was too much and she orgasmed, the contraction of her vagina around my cock
nearly bringing me off a second time!

Panting, we vowed to meet again…


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